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Happy April, FOOLS ’09

April 1, 2009

Usually by the middle of the day I’ll forget that it is April Fools day, but I doubt I will with twitter’s trending #AprilFools tag reminding me. Although I do work later on today. We’ll see who tries to get meh.

A few likable pranks I found today:
Whole Foods is now selling Organic Air in this cute little convenient bottle. The fresher, the better.

A brilliant restroom prank:
A co-worker and I stuffed these jeans from the knees down with paper (recycled from old documents, of course). I carefully placed them on the toilet with the shoes and jammed the door shut. After a few hours, people started commenting about the person who had been in the bathroom so long. Then they started to figure it out. The ladies’ room is next!


Funny office one, but if you gotta do THAT much cleaning afterwards, it’s not a prank anymore!


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  1. April 16, 2009 1:37 pm

    lol, organic air.

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