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Inbetween Studying for Finals

May 8, 2009
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Hey you gotta take a little break sometime.

My breaks inbetween studying turn out long though.

I’m easily distracted. Oops. I dunno time fly’s.

I’ve been doing better with my distractedness lately however. I mean… I BETTER! It’s finals! That could be the difference between even passing the dang’on class.

The Idiot Test. I messed up once and had to start all over to beat the game. Can you get through it just ONE time around? The game is not that long. But It physically hurts when ya mess up haha, because after all that thinking you lose your place. Can’t wait to see my friends reactions if and when they mess up bwahah.
Whatever you do…. just. don’t. give. UP. Because gosh! That’s no fun. ;p

Tetris! Look I beat all the levels. Nowww I need a new game to become addicted too! Hmm let’s see.

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