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It’s a Dance Flick

May 26, 2009

Saturday night I went to see Dance Flick.
I do think they gave away too much of this movie in the trailers.
If you’re going to give away that many funny scenes in the commercials, then at least make sure there’s much more in the movie. It’s like they got too excited or wanted many people to see it so they threw half the movie in the trailer. Hey you gotta make up for that! I still got some real good laughs on parts that were not already spoiled.

Actress Essence Atkins (the woman that was also in Smart Guy, haha can’t forget!), needs to do more comedy movies. She’s too good at that field. Daymon Wayons Jr. and her were the highlight of this film.

Next up I want to see: Terminator. I have heard how good it is. And some people who I know have seen it, even said they want to see it again. Now that’s how you know a movie is GOOD.

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