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Musical Video Mixes

17. Gotta Have TNA P. (Sept.09)
Music: I Gotta Have Her – Team Blackout
About: A video portrait shoot at the town center.

16. Feel the Focus (June.09)
Music: Electric Feel – MGMT
About: Messing with camcorders focus mode in the backyard including clips recorded with a digicam of bros trip to the bookstore for an SAT book.

15. Breakfast (May.09)
Music: Birthday – Jeremih
About: HD camcorder test with color correction added.

14. Shopping Over the Holidays (Dec.08)
Music: Mouthwash – Kate Nash
About: A couple good friends and I hang out during the holidays.

13. What’s So Special About Today? (May.08)
Music: No No No – Teairra Marie
About: What’s so special you ask? Here’s how I spent my 20th birthday at work.

12. It’s Movie Time So Get Ready (Apr.08)
Music: Here I Come – Fergie ft. Will.I.Am
About: Movie time with sis, youngest bro, and I.

11. Get a Co-Worker to Dance (Mar.08)
Music: Blue Magic – Jay-Z feat. Pharell
About: A “how to” on getting a coworker to dance. Do you just ask them or do you.. well.. chase them?

10. That Big Apple – First Time at the Apple Store (Jan.08)
Music: Suddenly I see – KT Tunstall
About: First time going to the apple store!

9. Co-Workers – Working Hard or Hardly Working? (Dec.07)
Music: 1) Girlfriend – Bow Wow feat. Omarion / 2) Lottery – Chris Brown
About: Co-workers and goofy moments. We work hard, I promise.

8. Glamorous (Jan.07)
Music: Glamorous – Fergie
About: Heading to the mall.

7. It’s Goin’ Down (May.06)
Starring: Cosmetology classmates.
Music: It’s Goin’ Down – Yung Joc

6. Beep (May.06)
Starring: Cosmetology classmates.
Music: Beep – Pussycat Dolls

5. Homemade Mix: The Squad (Apr.06)
Starring: Talent show group.
About: A day of our group dance practice for the talent show.

4. That La La La (Dec.05)
Music:That La La La – Rihanna
About: Us after church service.

3. Put You On the Game (Dec.05)
Music: Put You On The Game – The Game
About: On the way to the movie theater with folks.

2. I’m a King (Aug.05)
Music:I’m a King – T.I. –
About: At school wildin’ out.

1. Lose Control (Aug.05)
Music: Lose Control – Missy Elliot
About: Good o times with friends.

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